About ToSeeOrDo

ToSeeOrDo is an events, activities and venues search engine where the event or activity provider can promote and manage its own content and the options it can offer you, as potential visitor.

This way you, as a visitor of ToSeeOrDo, get to see what an activity really offers and whether that suits your requirements. That is why we strongly feel that "Content is key" as up-to-date information, regularly maintained and factual, is what visitors are best helped with.

You can search on what type of activity you are looking for, in what part of the country and whether you are looking for an activity at the beach, in the countryside, mountains etc.

ToSeeOrDo gives the listed activity providers complete freedom to build their profile including all their photos. ToSeeOrDo does not interfere in the content an activity offers nor the way it chooses to show what it offers*.

ToSeeOrDo is not involved in the process of you contacting an activity provider using the ToSeeOrDo site. The activity's profile shows the options to contact them and/or book so you can deal direct with the provider.

Now, it's time to take your experiences to the next level. From musea to fortress, from waterskiing to horseriding, sportsevents or concerts, ToSeeOrDo has them listed.

*In line with our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

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ToSeeOrDo aims at listing as many events, activities and venues as possible in a country to provide you, our visitor, the broadest choice possible.

If you would like to have more information about ToSeeOrDo or if you have suggestions for our site, please contact us.

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