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Your rankings in Search Results are vitally important for your [future] clients to find what you have to offer. The competition on Google, Facebook and other search engines is fierce. The results provided by these search engines appear to be more and more cluttered with poor and expired information and further convoluted by information driven by spam marketing. This is pushing your genuine information down the list, hampering your communication possibilities with your clients. On your own, your chances of coming out on top are limited. We believe that by combining forces with others into a dedicated platform, your potential clients and guests should be much better equipped to reach you and see what you can offer.

Our platforms

We have created two informative travel search platforms that work hand-in-hand and complement each other. LodgeYou focuses on accommodations and holiday rentals while ToSeeOrDo promotes venues, events and activities in a country. The platforms run on a country-by-country basis without third party adverts. Focusing on visually stimulating, to-the-point and up-to-date information, we aim to provide equal chances for every accommodation or venue/event/activity provider, regardless of the size of your business. We help you highlighting your qualities and services, emphasizing your uniqueness.


ToSeeOrDo is an informative, user friendly, visually focused venue, event and activity search platform that works across all devices. We provide elaborate information profiles on sightseeing places, places to drink or eat, events or activities in a country. From workshops and local markets to large music events and outdoor activities. Any facility, event or activity that may be of interest to both the local visitors as well as tourists can be listed. Each profile is easy to create and allows you to keep your content up-to-date.

With ToSeeOrDo you are in full control of your content, how to contact you and, where applicable, booking options. Your visitors can contact you directly so you stay in charge of your business!

Our Services

To promote your venue, event or activity you can create a detailed profile that includes photos, description of your facilities, location and contact information. You choose how to promote your business and for what period. Promotions are at fixed fees per day or year. There are no hidden charges or commission charges!

We offer the following options for yearly subscriptions:

1 year subscription - 1 venue, event or activity: € 150,-
2 year subscription - 1 venue, event or activity: € 270,- (save 10%)
3 year subscription - 1 venue, event or activity: € 360,- (save 20%)

Alternatively, you can elect not to become a subscriber but advertise at a rate of € 0.50 per day as follows:

Promotion package - 100-day*: € 50,-
Promotion package - 200-day*: € 100,-

* Your credit remains valid for a period of 2 years.

When you are already a yearly subscriber, you can also add additional promotions for specific events.

More info

ToSeeOrDo aims at listing as many events, activities and venues as possible in a country to provide you, our visitor, the broadest choice possible.

If you would like to have more information about ToSeeOrDo or if you have suggestions for our site, please contact us.

Event, Activity or Venue

Are you, as an event / activity organiser or venue owner, interested in ToSeeOrDo then click here to learn more about the possibilities.

If you already obtained your login details, manage your content through the ToSeeOrDo Manager here.